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Sahir House recently changed its governing documents to reflect the work carried out to the vulnerable groups we support. Service users were consulted and after positive feedback, Sahir House has reviewed its charitable aims to reflect growing needs. Sahir House welcome this development and are working hard to create high quality support to better support people living with HIV and those with related long-term health conditions in Merseyside. We also promote good sexual, mental and emotional health of: people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgendered; people who are questioning their sexuality/sexual orientation and/or gender identity; people experiencing discrimination on grounds of their race, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status or any protected characteristic, and associated / affected groups and communities.

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The Sahir House Board of Trustees is an elected body from the charitable membership of Sahir House including volunteers, co-opted members and people living with HIV. Here at Sahir House our trustees all have individual skills, specialisms and knowledge in different areas of life and careers, bringing a diverse and inclusive range of people together, but keeping HIV at the heart of the organisation.

The board oversees the charitable aims and is in a position of trust and responsibility for the benefit of Sahir House and all who use our services. The board meets six times a year to determine the strategic direction of Sahir House.

Sahir House accounts year ended 31st March 2020