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World AIDS Day

Thank you to everyone who came to the World AIDS Day vigil on Saturday 1 December, your support is much appreciated by everyone. Thanks to Serena and her team of volunteers for all the support before and after the event.

I have heard from the woman who was taken ill and she is at home and is fine, apart from a bit of a sore head after she fell. She has asked me to thank everyone who looked after her on the evening and all those of you who have been in touch to see how she was.
It was obviously not the event that we had planned, but we know that cancelling it was the right thing to do in the circumstances; we could not carry on an event when someone had been unconscious for so long and we were awaiting paramedics; nor was there a suitable room available that we could move the vigil into.

None of the staff felt it was appropriate to have a vigil event without being able to honour the names of those we have lost (we usually project them, as there are so many and reading them aloud without prior rehearsal for pronunciation, etc, felt disrespectful); nor could we observe a minute’s silence in the lobby, as it was too noisy outside.

Staff here all have felt rather ‘flat’ , but accidents happen and, with typical Sahir House optimism and resilience, we hope to be able to identify very soon whatever the opportunity is that will come out of the unfortunate events. We are, however, hanging on to the sense of excitement that we had at the Fast-Track City launch earlier on Saturday afternoon.Please bear with us while we work out the best way to proceed, to en-sure that the special World AIDS Day 30th anniversary monologues that were written can reach as wide an audience as possible.
Thank you all again for your support.

Tessa Willow