“I am part of the Sahir House walking group and on Thursday 22nd September we headed to the Wirral.  We set out from Sahir House at 1.00pm and boarded the 433 bus to Sea Bank Road in Wallasey. We had the opportunity to explore the local Victorian esplanade antique shops and then proceeded to Vale Park.

There we stopped for a cup of tea at Vale House Tea Rooms and Cafe, which is a community centre and registered charity. The tea and ice cream was served on the patio overlooking the beautiful garden and River Mersey. There are lush green trees and the sky was clear and beautiful. Everyone was in good spirits and after a good rest and small talk we proceeded to the New Brighton promenade for a stroll. There were strong currents on the river and the wooshing sound of the waves was very welcome and refreshing, a far cry from engines and vehicle traffic noise. We walked at a leisurely pace absorbing the scenery and fresh air. One can see the Liverpool skyline and waterfront across the River Mersey.

On the river we got on to the Black Pearl driftwood pirate ship which is popular with children. We then walked on to New Brighton and people were going about their business as usual. I quite enjoyed the walking trip as it was therapeutic and reinvigorating. The walking group is good for you if you live alone and have no one to visit places with. It breaks isolation and allows for bonding time for users outside Sahir House. It is a wonderful sightseeing opportunity and enables you to visit places you might never think of going. Above all it’s fun, relaxing and an exercise as well. Of course we had memorable photos along the way.”

M – Sahir House service user