National HIV Testing Week (NHTW) is an annual campaign which seeks to promote regular testing among key populations. It aims to reduce the numbers of undiagnosed people and those diagnosed late. It is held every November ahead of World AIDS Day.

Sahir House works with local public service providers to raise awareness of this campaign, increase HIV testing opportunities and highlight the importance of knowing your HIV status.  Working with such a variety of partners we are highlighting this campaign throughout Merseyside through various networks and channels.   Check out the National HIV Testing Week page to see all the extra pop up HIV testing clinics we have organised, hoping to make HIV testing accessible to all.  Please do share this page and encourage your friends, colleagues to know their HIV status this coming testing week.

Why not tune into Radio Merseyside this coming Sunday (17th November) and listen to our HIV community Nurse Specialist talking with Ngunan Adamu about HIV testing.  Also being interviewed is a Sahir House HIV positive guest speaker giving their personal perspective around living with HIV today.  Tune in here:

“When I was asked to take part in this campaign, I was very glad to do so. I took the test because I believe that it will help our health as a nation if millions more people knew their HIV status for sure. Given the history of fear and stigma around HIV, I understand that people may be reluctant to be tested – but knowledge is the best way to destroy fear. Taking the test is easy and free, with the results back in minutes. It should become normal for all of us. The staff who dealt with me were lovely and completely put me at my ease. So if you have been putting this off I say ‘Don’t worry. Go, take the test, become sure of your HIV status, and face the future with confidence!”

Paul Bayes
Bishop of Liverpool