Volunteer Archive Researchers

Jenny Archive ResearchVolunteer Archive Researchers are trained to carry out research into a range of records and archive collections including Sahir House records and archive materials in Merseyside, Manchester and London. Volunteers also research online resources and digital collections. The Volunteer Archive Research team is developing a timeline of HIV and Merseyside and collecting heritage materials that can be used on the website and in the exhibition and book. The heritage materials collected by the volunteers will be deposited as the ‘HIV in Merseyside’ archive collection in Liverpool Archives.

Volunteer Archive Researchers are trained by Helena Smart, Archivist at Liverpool Archives and are also able to attend external archive workshops. Our Volunteer Archive Researchers also have the opportunity to take part in archive research field trips in Merseyside, Manchester and London.

The Volunteer Archive Research team have regular meetings to feedback on the research.

More information about the role of Volunteer Oral Historian.