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Soft Octopus LogoAndrew Dineley is the Creative Director of Soft Octopus Design Studio and the Creative Director of the Now+then project. Andrew has designed every aspect of the project from leaflets to the installation at the Museum of Liverpool. He has been designing local and national HIV awareness campaigns since the late 1980s, and brought extensive knowledge, resources and creativity to the Now+then project.

Andrew DineleySoft Octopus is a creative studio specialising in graphic design. Andrew set up the studio after more than 20 years managing an award-winning NHS design studio. Whilst working for the NHS, he created many acclaimed health campaigns which were featured in the V&A and London’s Design Museum. He also worked closely with the Department of Health on NHS national brand implementation.

Soft Octopus’ portfolio includes branding, publicity, mass media materials, and online, film and audio-visual presentations.

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Watch Andrew’s short film on 3 Decades of HIV Design