Volunteer Oral Historians

Warr Pride 2013 2Volunteer Oral Historians are trained to carry out recorded oral history interviews with a wide range of people and to do written summaries of the interviews. Volunteers are also trained to edit sound tracks for use on the website and in the exhibition.

The recorded interviews will be deposited as the ‘HIV in Merseyside’ oral history collection at the North West Sound Archives and Liverpool Archives who will preserve the recordings for future generations. The oral histories collected by volunteers will also feature in the Now + Then exhibition and book.

Volunteer Oral Historians are trained by the North West Sound Archive on using digital recording equipment and carrying out interviews. Training is also provided by Dr Emma Vickers, oral historian at Liverpool John Moores University. Emma trains our volunteers on the background of oral history and preparing for interviews.

The Volunteer Oral Historians have regular meetings which are a great opportunity to meet other volunteers and catch up on the project.

More information about the role of Volunteer Oral Historian.