August was then named Augustus in honor of Augustus Caesar. Gathered harvests were celebrated in many lands during this month.
August 1st was a Celtic feast called Lunasa or Lughnassadh, meaning the celebration of harvest and new grain for bread. In Old English this became Lammas, or “Loaf Mass.” The Romans also had a harvest festival during this month.
They also celebrated a harvest festival for the goddess Ops. Wine and freshly baked bread were placed on her altars. Near the end of the month they had a thanksgiving feast called the Charisteria.

Well, its all going on in August and its all going on in this months newsletter which you can find here.
This month we are looking at:

  • Sahir House services update
  • Peer groups at Sahir House
  • CAMHS training
  • Online Pride March
  • Volunteer meeting dates
  • The Mic drop
  • Fundraising
  • Wellbeing
  • Ernie Tiddles tails
  • Households into work
  • Fun fact of the month