Sahir House have registered to take part in LCR Pride Foundation’s MarchONline!
Which will be published on Saturday 25th July 2020
We are looking for supporters to be a part of our group entry.
(service users, volunteers, support group members, staff, friends, family…….

The plan
Sahir House spokesperson will record a message of support.
This will be the central part of the Sahir House group entry.
Sahir House will send this message to Pride.

What we would like YOU to do:
You can view the guidance on their website here:

• We’re asking people to submit 30 second videos, allowing Pride to edit the best bits to the length of our spokesperson video. Images are OK but videos will have more of an impact.
• They can include sound but please note this may not be included as your spokesperson will be speaking over it.
• If it includes those under 18, a consent form will need to be completed. This is sent in the confirmation email they receive when submitting.
• It’s a given, but we will not accept offensive or graphic content. As above it should be suitable for all audiences, including under 18s, and be acceptable to post on social media.
• Instructions:
Wear a Sahir House T-shirt if you have one
Dress up (optional)
Video setting on high definition
Phone sideways
Front facing camera
Look at camera lens, not yourself
Record for 30 seconds – waving, walking, flag waving, laughing, cheering……..

When you are ready to submit, just go to and click the Register/Submit button, select you are supporting a group and enter SAHIR HOUSE name.
It is important that each person does this, as they need to sign the agreement for us to use their image.
(if you have trouble submitting this way you can send them the file via to and they’ll confirm once they have it. Please just make sure you put that they’re supporting Sahir House in the details box)