BPCNW 2016There are 133,000 people in the UK living with HIV; of those 25% is HIV positive and undiagnosed.

In 2014 there were over 500 people living with HIV across Cheshire, a significant increase from 2012.

In the UK, including across the North West there are high levels of late HIV diagnosis and low uptake of HIV testing.

Stigma, isolation and poverty are impacting on adherence to the lifesaving HIV medication and the general wellbeing of people living with HIV.

The geographical spread of Cheshire can often leave HIV positive people feeling isolated and worried about the fear of prejudice and therefore are more likely to rely on their local health and social care provisions for support.

Places still left on the half day staff training courses for health and social care professionals who are based and working in Cheshire West and Chester to help update your service on current thinking and best practice when providing HIV support, health promotion and prevention strategies.

West Cheshire & Chester logoThis training has been kindly sponsored by Cheshire West & Chester Public Health.

Please see dates and booking form on the training page here