Facebook avatarTrans Health Merseyside is about to embark upon an exciting new period of consultation with a view to inform the direction and sentiment of the project through to 2018.

Trans Health Merseyside will be building on the introduction of the project when we hosted a Peer Mentor Accredited Training course in partnership with Liverpool Adult Services.

A group of volunteer Trans Health Peer Mentors have now been accredited to mentor others who identify as transsexual, transgender or gender non-conforming people to help alleviate isolation, relieve stress and promote empowerment through the benefits of commonality and understanding.

We are now in the process of mapping current provision, and, through various consultation tools, identifying wellbeing gaps and challenges in access to employment. We will also be looking into hate crime reporting and support available for trans people in Merseyside who may have been subject to hate crime.

We will be actively consulting established groups and intend to reach more isolated individuals to create a meaningful report going forward by which to inform future provision of wellbeing programmes, employability sessions and how best to support those who have had crimes of hate against them.

Trans Health Merseyside is a partnership between In-Trust Merseyside and Sahir House.

For more information visit merseysideintrust.org