Sahir House are one of the 6 partners of the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt Conservation Partnership.  A partnership of charities, coming together to ensure that the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt is conserved for future generations and protected from deterioration.

This summer it will be 40 years since the first reports of what is now known as HIV and AIDS. The UK AIDS Memorial Quilt Partnership is joining up with Fast-Track Cities London to curate the largest display of the UK AIDS quilts in London since the early 90s.

NAM aidsmap have created a short film, Susan Cole talks to Siobhán Lanigan and Clifford McManus from The Food Chain and quilt panel maker Dr Gill Brigg about the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt Display, the largest display in the UK since 1994. UK AIDS Memorial Quilt Partnership: The Food Chain, Terrence Higgins Trust, George House Trust, Positive East, Waverley Care, Positively UK, Sahir House. Supported by: Fast-Track Cities Film produced by NAM aidsmap
UK AIDS Memorial Quilt Display – YouTube

These beautiful and irreplaceable pieces of social history will be on display to the public the first two weekends of July in London at Acorn House, Kings Cross, London.
Free tickets for this event are available here: UK AIDS Memorial Quilts Display Tickets, Sat 10 Jul 2021 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

This display will honour the lives lost to AIDS and remind us that HIV is still with us today. It is a call to action to challenge HIV stigma, highlight what it means to live with HIV in 2021 and support those living with HIV.