Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s wellbeing links edit from Sahir House. We hope you are safe and well and keeping going by using meditation, creativity and activity to keep mind, body and soul ticking over.

So, I am posting below some links to help with any stuckness, boredom or anxiety people might be experiencing.  Apart from the Netflix we may all be watching and any other streaming sites I wanted to offer a few other suggestions you might not have come across.

So, here we go… Films and lectures

I recently came across a site streaming documentary films. I don’t know about you but I love watching documentaries for the passion of the film makers and learning something new.  As you likely know documentary is a broad category of visual expression that is based on the attempt, in one fashion or another, to document reality.  Have a look you might enjoy something too:

Open Culture have free movies online, some wonderful old classics, and independent films and shorts.  I found “As You Like It” with Laurence Olivier, “Blade Runner 2049 Prequels”, a Wes Anderson short and the only film made by the writer Jean Genet, which is a beautifully shot erotic movie.

They are also streaming 125 Korean Feature films, which lots of people I know are enjoying at the moment.
Alongside films they have audio lectures including Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, Kurt Vonnegut and a series of Joseph Campbell lectures.

Museums and Art Galleries
Did you know that Tate Britain has a virtual tour of the Aubrey Beardsley Exhibition that was meant to be on currently?

Aubrey Beardsley shocked and delighted late-Victorian London with his sinuous black and white drawings. He explored the erotic and the elegant, the humorous and grotesque, winning admirers around the world with his distinctive style.

And below is the link to the wonderful Lubaina Himid exhibition at the Tate. Himid’s paintings often respond to omissions in Western art history, in which, she explains, ‘there was only one story and … the black woman never spoke’. The artist has said: ‘When depicting women together in paintings, you automatically, whatever you do, expose them to the history of the male gaze. So in order to give them agency you need to ask them to stare out together towards that gaze in a very direct way.’ Himid paints for an audience of other Black women in an effort to create images where ‘we can see ourselves’.

Do you enjoy dance? Here is a link to the Sadler’s Wells facebook page where they are streaming performances and having discussions with contemporary choreographers. The videos cover all styles of dance not just ballet and so worth a half hour of anyone’s time…

I particularly enjoyed this session on their page currently:

Do you want something to listen to instead? Let me introduce you to my podcast of the week. It’s the African Storyteller podcast.

The podcast that showcases the storytellers behind Africa’s leading broadcast productions. From film and TV to sports and the arts, join us as we go behind the scenes to tell the stories of these content creators.

Here is the link:

Crafts and creativity
May I introduce you to “Create It, Share It” a site loaded with projects and suggestions for making art and craft at home.

“We want to help keep everyone busy and creative at this difficult time so we’ve teamed up with artists to give you some fun, creative activities you can enjoy doing at home. Whether you’re off school, caring for others, working from home or looking for something to do online as a group, we hope our activities get that creativity flowing!”

LGBTQI information
Want some international LGBTQI news? I really like them.us with news stories from around the globe specifically focused on stories affecting LGBTQI communities.

There is a more socially focused space on the page as well as news so take time to familiarise yourself with the layout.

Phew! Think that could be me done for the week.

I do hope you find something of interest, maybe something new, certainly something to loose yourself in for a while.  Take care, much love and big hugs from Sahir.