UK AIDS Memorial Quilt

The UK AIDS Memorial Quilt is an irreplaceable piece of social history. It tells the stories of many of those lost in the early days of the HIV AIDS epidemic in the 80’s and 90’s. The quilt has been in storage for several years now and without proper conservation is in danger of deteriorating and being lost. Hence a number of charities have come forward to create the AIDS Memorial Quilt Conservation Partnership, to raise awareness of the quilt, its importance in our history and to restore and conserve the quilt for generations to come.

The quilt is a unique historical document.

This World AIDS Day Sahir House are exhibiting 4 of these wonderful quilt panels at 24 Kitchen Street.  
24 Kitchen Street is a multidisciplinary arts venue based in Liverpool’s creative hub, the Baltic Triangle and have been supporting Sahir House with awareness raising evets this World AIDS Day.
The venue will be open to view the quilts on:
Wednesday 1st December 10am- 2pm
Thursday 2nd December 12-4pm
Friday 3rd December 12-4pm
Saturday 4th December 12-4pm
Sunday 5th December 12-4pm
Our volunteers will offer a warm welcome with information and resources for you to take away.
This is a FREE event.

In total there are 48 twelve foot by twelve foot panels, each comprising up to 8 smaller panels. Each panel is approximately 4m sq. Each individual panel commemorates someone who died of AIDS and has been lovingly made by their friends, lovers or family. Lives remembered include those of the writer, Bruce Chatwin; the artist/film maker Derek Jarman; the actors, Ian Charleson and Denham Elliot; gay rights activist, Mark Ashton and the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

In this short film produced by NAM aidsmap, Susan Cole talks to Siobhán Lanigan and Clifford McManus from The Food Chain and quilt panel maker Dr Gill Brigg about the UK AIDS Memorial Quilt Display, the largest display in the UK since 1994 – UK AIDS Memorial Quilt Display – YouTube

UK AIDS Memorial Quilt (