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Advice, information & guidance

Sahir House can help identify difficulties you are experiencing to enable you to live well and independently with HIV. This may include dealing with discrimination, worries about confidentiality, disclosure and the law, attending hospital appointments, getting your voice heard, attending medicals, benefit assessments, concerns about work, signposting to other services such as housing, legal or health and social care providers.  Support is free and confidential.  For more information contact the Services Manager.

Welfare and benefits advice
Liverpool Association of Disabled People (LAD) provides information and support regarding benefit related issues, weekly, Thursday 12 – 3pm.  To book an appointment contact Sahir House or LAD direct on 0151 263 8366.

Sahir House has an agreement with the DWP to support people living with HIV into employment and help with welfare benefits.  For many people after being out of work, the experience of signing on and looking for work is daunting and stressful especially if facing stigma which can exacerbate HIV related health conditions.  Contact Pam Smith for a copy of the commitment statement to give to your DWP benefits advisor.

Housing advice
The digital lounge is available when applying for or checking Property Pool Plus or securing other accommodation.

Sahir House can access Mainstay for those who are or in danger of becoming homeless. To book an appointment contact Sahir House.

HIV Specialist Community Nursing Team
Liverpool residents have a dedicated HIV specialist nursing team that work in the community.  You can access them in your home or at Sahir House Tuesday 1pm – 3pm where you can access HIV medical advice and support.
Contact Sahir House to book an appointment or call their confidential phone line on 0151 295 8650.