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Employability Project

The Sahir House Employability Project empowers HIV positive people into education, training, volunteering and employment.  The project hosts free activities to build confidence and skills to improve employability options.  Sahir House works in partnership with local providers and employers to develop opportunities.

Sahir House HIV Employability Forum
Provides a safe setting to share common experience and build confidence and skills whilst facing the challenges in the current labour market.  The forum is open to HIV positive people who are employed or are looking for work.  The forum explores employment related issues such as:

  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Employment rights and law
  • Managing fluctuating symptoms when in work
  • Disclosing HIV status to employers

Sahir House Building Confidence in the HIV Community
Sahir House partners with the Workers’ Education Association (WEA) providing programmes to build confidence and develop life skills.  Courses held on Friday mornings during term times include:

  • Creative writing
  • Drama to develop confidence
  • Personal development
  • Employability skills
  • Comedy to boost self esteem

Wirral Metropolitan College provides accredited functional skills classes including:  English, maths and IT qualifications.  Courses are held at Sahir House on Thursday mornings and are interactive, fun and held in a group setting.

Liverpool Adult Learning Service provides summer school sessions including yoga, art, coaching skills,  local history, art and craft, making the most of your IPad, calligraphy, singing for fun and much more.

Faiths 4 Change provide courses in:

  • Making Your own Clothes
  • Healthy Cooking on a Budget

What service users say about the project:
“Participating in the project has very much improved my life. I’ve received professional support in a safe place, that has improved my social networks and given me a reason to leave the house”

“The project has improved my stress levels. I’ve built up my confidence and relationships with others and how I communicate with them. My English and maths skills have improved a lot”

“Completing this qualification has improved my English speaking and writing and interacting with people. I can phone people and companies when I have a problem and it’s also improved my maths and helped with calculating and budgeting”