Sahir House Wellbeing Service provides activities to better physical, mental and emotional health

List of courses and support groups for 2021

Yoga is an ancient form of body and mind wisdom; the practice addresses physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Yoga poses stretch your muscles and increases your range of motion. With regular practice, it will improve your flexibility, regulate your breath and heart rate to relieve anxiety, stress and encourage restful sleep.

Walking for Health offers the benefits of gentle exercise to increase the heart rate and number of steps taken per day. It promotes mobility, confidence and improves sleep.  Being outdoors increases sense of community and peer support. Walking can reduce risk of injury and disease such as diabetes and maintain body weight.  Please abide to social distancing rules.

For more information on any wellbeing activities contact the Wellbeing Practitioner.
You can see a selection of wellbeing activities on the Sahir House Channel – YouTube