Sahir House Wellbeing Service provides activities to better physical, mental and emotional health

Yoga is an ancient form of body and mind wisdom; the practice addresses physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Yoga poses stretch your muscles and increases your range of motion. With regular practice, it will improve your flexibility, regulate your breath and heart rate to relieve anxiety, stress and encourage restful sleep. 
Weekly on Tuesday 3pm—4pm.

Massage therapy
can help alleviate stiffness in the joints, reduce muscular pain and improve circulation and flexibility aiding relaxation and improving sleep.  This is not a funded service. £25 charge applies per person per treatment.  Payment required on the day of treatment. Travel expenses unavailable for this activity.

Walking for Health offers the benefits of gentle exercise to increase the heart rate and number of steps taken per day. It promotes mobility, confidence and improves sleep.  Being outdoors increases sense of community and peer support. Walking can reduce risk of injury and disease such as diabetes and maintain body weight.  Held every 3rd Thursday of the month 1pm meeting point Sahir House.

Health and wellbeing courses at Sahir House work in partnership with many other local services to provide tailor made courses and activities that increase health benefits, confidence and wellbeing for people living with HIV.  Courses are free and held at Sahir House with the support of specialist organisations.  These will be advertised throughout the year and listed on our website.

Monthly health awareness sessions will explore physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.  Speakers, group work, talks, activities and discussions will create the opportunity to explore new topics and update knowledge and learn new information and life skills. Value being with peers learning new skills whilst addressing and improving your health and wellbeing.  Held every last Thursday of the month 1pm—3pm.  Benefits include:

  • Meet other people living with HIV in a safe and informal environment
  • Learn new information and try out new ways to improve health choices
  • Understand how HIV affects your wider health
  • Learn about other lifelong conditions and how this may affect your health
  • Learn to take control of your health
  • Address isolation
  • Learn from others on ways to  address health

LiveWire Liverpool Health Trainers offer one to one support, guidance and motivation to individuals who want to make a change to their lifestyle.  Health Trainers will help you set achievable goals, develop your health plan, identify and overcome barriers and provide ongoing encouragement and support. Health Trainers can spend up to an hour with you at each meeting and you meet with them trainer weekly or fortnightly. The team offers telephone support if you find it difficult to get out to one of our venues across the region, Sahir House being one of them. The service can also signpost individuals to other services, groups and organisations. 

For more information on any wellbeing activities contact the Wellbeing Practitioner.