Move with Moon – Yoga at Sahir House!

‘I invite you to take 3 deep breaths and tune into your senses, how are you feeling? All feelings are welcome here.’

Hi, my name is Moon!  I am a safe space and movement facilitator for the LGBTQ+ community in Liverpool. I am also a drag artist called Mango on the Moon, where I host Queer Ecology workshops. You can find me on the dance floor of Sonic Yootha or daydreaming in the park.

I have been hosting sessions with the awesome Sahir House, for the Many Hands One Heart Group since September 2023, including: somatics, breathwork and meditation. In these classes we use healing tools to create a conversation with our nervous systems, to find ways to be more self-resourced in the world. We can’t ever fully heal from living in a capitalist system. More than meditation, affirmations and yoga, you need safety and freedom to be well. My work is trauma informed and focused on creating safe containers for our mind, body and soul. I hope to improve mental health and for others to feel a sense of embodiment and belonging.


Movement, is a movement, of coming together in community, releasing all the baggage and constraints the world puts onto us.

Movement is a form of activism, breaking the binaries of how we’re meant to live in day to day life and to be authentically yourself.

Movement is a means of listening to your body’s needs, which are unique to you and ever changing. I (a neurodiverse, queer, disabled, working class, white person in the west)  am very thankful to the practice and lineage of yoga, which has helped me along the journey of moving through this life as a nonbinary person and I am grateful I get to share this practice with others as a means of liberation, resilience and love.

I have been collaborating with @Inner Bliss Yoga CIC, who is an amazing community yoga teacher and has provided the funding for these sessions to take place! Thank you for all the work that you do!

I am also the co-founder of Queer Transcend, a grassroots organisation, with @Jervogalactic. We began with the incredible support of Comics Youth, through their safe spaces programme back in 2022. We host monthly creative holistic workshops for the LGBTQ+ community in Liverpool. Our services include yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, dance, drag and more! Our neurodiverse-friendly workshops take place in the legendary Lovelocks Coffee Shop, an LGBTQ+ inclusive space. We are hoping to access funding in 2024 so we can put on more sessions for free.

‘Now imagining your roots coming out of the souls of your feet, connected to the core of the earth. Branches reaching out of your head and dancing with the solar systems. Remembering that living your truth is so much bigger than you could ever perceive it to be. Our transestors are guiding us. May we be happy, healthy, safe and free.’

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Instagram: @movewithmoon

If you’re a member of Many Hands One Heart and would like to Move with Moon, (or would like to become a member), please contact