National HIV Testing Week

Monday 5th to Sunday 11th February, serves as a crucial reminder that testing is a key element in the prevention and management of HIV. By normalising testing, we strive to create a culture where individuals routinely prioritise their sexual health. Sahir House in partnership with local community organisations, are gearing up for a collaborative effort to mark National HIV Testing Week. The aim to emphasise the significance of normalising HIV testing – encouraging everyone to consider regular testing for HIV (and STIs) as a vital component of routine health checks.

Check out our range of activities across the Liverpool City Region to mark National HIV Testing Week.

We’re reaching out for your help!

Regular funding for Sahir House’s existing LGBTQ+ Asylum Seeker & Refugee Support Service and Trans Support Services has been sorely absent for several years. This has led to a decrease in what we have been able to provide for the community at a time of increased demand for our services.

We’re asking for donations towards these two crucial services

  • The continuation of a unique person-centred non-clinical support service and resource hub forLGBTQ+ Refugee & Asylum Seekers across the Liverpool City Region.
  • We want to improve the health and well-being of our trans community in the Liverpool region, enabling individuals to access the information, support and care they need to live healthy, fulfilled and independent lives.


If you would like to help please head over to our donate page.

We’re PROUD of our services

We will continue to listen, and offer accessible, non-judgemental support and advice to our community.  Our services cover the Liverpool City Region and are free and confidential for all.