The Home Office has confirmed that it is pausing discontinuations of asylum support and accommodation for refugees 

The Home Office have confirmed that for 2023 the 22nd of December will be the last date for evictions this year.

Discontinuation will continue to be processed, but anything that falls on the 23rd December through to and including 2nd January will have the end of grace period moved to 3rd January. This covers the whole festive period and the additional bank holiday in Scotland.

Last date for evictions on discontinuations – 22nd December 2023


First day for evictions to recommence – 3rd January 2024.

These dates apply across the UK.

No service user should now get a letter with a support cessation date between 23rd December and 2nd January – if colleagues in homelessness services do see any cases like this, please can you ask them to direct the individual to the where a reinstatement can be requested.