Sahir’s ground-breaking LGBTQ+ asylum and refugee support services secure major grant from the National Lottery Community Fund

We are thrilled to announce that Sahir House has secured a substantial grant from the National Lottery Community Fund, totalling £391,322 over the course of five years. This significant grant is dedicated to bolstering our pioneering LGBTQ+ Asylum Seeker & Refugee Support Service, ensuring its continuity and expansion.

This funding holds immense significance for us, as it empowers Sahir House to continue providing vital support to LGBTQ+ individuals seeking asylum in the UK, as well as those who have recently obtained refugee status. Our service offers comprehensive 1:1 practical and emotional support, professional counselling, and invaluable peer support.

The challenges faced by LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees are profound and multifaceted. Many endure discrimination, isolation, and trauma, both in their countries of origin and upon arrival in the UK. Our service is a lifeline for individuals navigating these complexities, offering a safe space to seek guidance, solace, and community.

With this funding, we anticipate reaching hundreds more individuals in need of our support. Our service will be expanded to include a buddy scheme, additional peer support groups, and innovative engagement initiatives. Furthermore, we’ll develop comprehensive training and digital toolkits tailored for service users, partner organizations, and allies alike.

We are delighted to announce the creation of an additional role within our service, which will be actively promoted to individuals with lived experience. This expansion ensures our commitment to inclusivity and community involvement.

Sahir House’s LGBTQ+ Asylum Seeker & Refugee Support Service is a beacon of hope within the Liverpool City Region. Over the past two years, we have assisted countless individuals in rebuilding their lives and finding acceptance in their new communities. This work is not only essential but profoundly impactful.

One of our community members, Arthur Britney, shared “Sahir House provided me with the support I desperately needed during a time of uncertainty. I found comfort in their understanding and compassion, and I’m grateful for the sense of belonging they’ve helped me to grow.”

Our CEO, Ant Hopkinson, remarks “This grant marks a significant milestone in our journey towards a more inclusive and supportive community. We envision a future where every LGBTQ+ individual, regardless of their background, feels valued and empowered. With the continued support of the National Lottery Community Fund, we are confident in our ability to realise this vision.”

Gillian Halliwell, Head of Funding for the North West at The National Lottery Community Fund, said: “Sahir is an fantastic organisation that is working hard to ensure the safety of LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and refugees, allowing them to feel empowered and become active participants within their communities.

“Thanks to National Lottery players and the hard work and dedication of local groups and services like these, our funding is helping to strengthen society and improve lives across the North West region and the wider UK.”

Sahir House is a unique dual-purpose charity deeply rooted in the Liverpool City Region. Since our establishment in 1985, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to supporting individuals living with or affected by HIV, as well as championing the rights of all LGBTQ+ community members. Our organisation is proudly local, serving as a cornerstone of support and advocacy within our communities.


Photo Credit: Laura Mccann Photos