At Sahir, we believe in the power of collaborative partnerships. Understanding that we are ‘stronger together’ permeates through everything that we do. With this in mind, we have launched the ‘Sahir 100’ – a new unique opportunity for local businesses to come together to change the lives of marginalised LGBTQ+ people and people living with HIV across the Liverpool City Region.  Together we can make sure that everyone feels free to be who they are, wherever they are.

We hope to recruit 100 local businesses willing to commit just £1000 per annum towards our important cause. By contributing you will receive free advertising and promotion as well as the opportunity to access LGBTQ+ matters training, gain a meaningful LGBTQ+ charter mark and participate in enlivening LGBTQ+ focussed events. For additional contributions we can even organise enrichment and moral boosting activities for your staff including visits from local queer artists and drag performers.

Each and every day we are humbled by the stories of those we support. Stories such as Britney’s – who sought asylum in the UK after facing horrific abuse and discrimination in El Salvador because of her sexual orientation, gender identity and HIV status.

Britney arrived in the UK barely speaking any English and with no real knowledge about how the UK asylum system worked. They felt scared and uncertain, but they were also hopeful. Empowered by our support, Britney made history and set a legal precedent when they were granted permission to remain in the UK on the grounds of their non-binary gender identity.

Today, Britney continues to benefit from the networks she’s gained through Sahir House having been offered a full-time job with an organisation that works in partnership with us. Britney continues to campaign for LGBTQ+/HIV rights, and volunteers her time as a Sahir House positive speaker.

Sahir has weathered many storms over the years, but government budget cuts and funding scarcity, on top of too-small budgets in the first place, have combined to make it particularly hard to continue our vital work and support community members like Britney. Unless someone steps in to help them.  And that’s where you come in.

By helping Sahir to continue to support LGBTQ+ people when they need us most, you are not just helping them, but you’re also investing in the long-term future health of the communities within which in which you operate. £1000 goes a long way at Sahir for example it can fund 100 HIV self-test kits, or 45 individual sessions with a specialist counsellor or even 12 group peer support sessions.

A healthy, well-trained workforce is the most valuable asset at any company, and by helping local LGBTQ+ people with the support they so desperately need, you will also be demonstrating your commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. You’ll be planting seeds for future employees and customers loyal to your company.

We do hope you’ll consider getting involved. Please can I encourage you to contact Gill Clotworthy on 07596 855767 or by emailing to find out more and to book in a chat.