World AIDS Day 2023

#The Many Faces of HIV | #Everyone Should Test

Each year, World AIDS Day is celebrated on the 1st of December to remember those loved and lost to HIV related illness and to stand in solidarity with those living with HIV today across the world and locally.

This year, our World AIDS Day themes are ‘The Many Faces on HIV’ and ‘Everyone Should Test’.

‘The Many Face of HIV’ acknowledges that HIV can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or background. Sadly, stigma still exists and has a negative impact on people living with HIV. We want to challenge this stigma by empowering community members to share their stories and provide candid insights into their lives. ‘Everyone Should Test’ highlights that the only way to know your HIV status it to get tested. At Sahir, we would advocate that anyone who is sexually active tests regularly for HIV -it affect us all.

This is how you can get involved:

Events & Activities

Information Stalls


The Many Faces of HIV